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John Roehrig - Managing Partner
Licensing: DRE# 01024788

John Roehrig

Managing Partner

Steve DonVito - Listing Manager
Licensing: DRE# 01787070

Steve DonVito

Listing Manager

Jaime Wilson - Transaction Manager
Licensing: DRE# 02070016

Jaime Wilson

Transaction Manager

Jessica Conrad - Operations Coordinator
Licensing: DRE# 02053443

Jessica Conrad

Operations Coordinator

Chad Ragland - Sales Partner
Licensing: DRE# 01987411

Chad Ragland

Sales Partner

Luca Nordio - Sales Partner
Licensing: DRE# 01971103

Luca Nordio

Sales Partner

Anthony Rivera - Sales Partner
Licensing: DRE# 01330722

Anthony Rivera

Sales Partner

Patrick Martin - Sales Partner
Licensing: DRE# 02094481

Patrick Martin

Sales Partner

Kara Clausen - Property Management
Licensing: DRE# 01751944

Kara Clausen

Property Manager